Excellence in Education

  We live in a rapidly changing educational and economic environment. While higher education is experiencing many shifts (such as small colleges merging or closing down entirely), Sharon has maintained a tradition of excellence which all of us want to extend. I would work to preserve and expand opportunities to keep Sharon at the top.

Clear Communications

The debate over the new high school has highlighted a communications gap. Although there were upwards of 40 meetings regarding the new plan, many people felt out of loop until the end. As a marketer, I know that if people are not receiving a message, it’s not the fault of the recipient, but rather, the fault of the communicator. I take a special interest in figuring out how to better engage the people of Sharon so that everyone feels heard and is satisfied with the decision-making process, if not necessarily the results.


The annual school budget is tight, and it is important to evaluate expenditures in a calm and rational fashion while still focusing on educational excellence. Trade-offs among programs that have strong support are always hard, and I would approach these trade-offs with sensitivity so that everyone feels heard. 

Sensitivity to Special Education

Special Education is an ongoing discussion. As a parent of a child with a 504 plan, I am sensitive to these issues, and would always have an open ear to parental concerns.